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Latest recommended config:


"BluetoothSPP": {
  "On": true,
  "Filter": "RS5100",
  "PIN": "12345", (or "")
  "UseDeviceMajor": false,
  "UnpairAll": false,
  "DiscoveryOn": false,
  "BarcodeType": "FNC3",
  "ShowUnpairBarcode": false,
  "ScannerType": 110,
  "TerminatorWait": 0,
  "Terminators": ""

Tested successfully on:

Android Oreo (8.x)
Manufacturer Device Android Version Date Tnx version Recommended Config
DataLogic MEMOR 10 8.1.0 24/03/20 Emulator
BT Pairing
Vxt Engine
Vxt Calibrate
"Filter": "RS5100",
"UnpairAll": false, "ScannerType": 110
  • Build number
  • Scanner reconnected by getting the scanner close to the device again
  • Voice projects
    • “HeadsetType”: 1 (in _vxt_configuration.jcf file)
    • Headset reconnected successfully


Android Nougat (7.x) – No more tested on this version
Manufacturer Device Android Version Date Tnx version Config deviation / Notes



  • Use the Filter parameter as much as you can. It will be easier to establish the connection between devices.
  • The headset connection by NFC is NOT recommended to use with the NFC scanner connection. It could be problematic during the headset pairing process.


Scanner Type 110:

  • The use of ScannerType: 110 for Zebra devices requires the BT Pairing service at Android Accessibility menu option to be activated.
  • With the scanner Zebra RS5100, it is convenient to use the Filter parameter (Filter: “RS5100”) to avoid having some problems when you establish the connection between the device and the scanner.
  • Before using the scanner, please, scan the SPP mode (Discoverable):