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Scanning by Intent on UNITECH devices

In the  _tnx_profile.jcf file, configure scanning through the ViaIntent parameter:

    "ViaIntent": {
      "On": true,
      "Timeout": 7000,
      "UnpairAll": true,
      "Readers": [
          "Name": "ProGlove MARK II",
          "On": false,
          "Description": "N/A",
          "HasCategory": true,
          "Category": "android.intent.category.DEFAULT"
          "Name": "Unitech INTENT UNIFIER",
          "Description": "Intent Action must be 'unitech.scanservice.data' and the Intent Extra must be 'text' in the device configuration",
          "On": true,
          "HasCategory": false,
          "Category": "android.intent.category.DEFAULT"

For extra configuration, check the scanner settings in the Android Settings – USS option (Unitech Scanner Service):

Select the “App settings” option from the hamburger menu:

Check the values for Intent Output entry. They must be as the ones defined in the “Description”field from _tnx_profile.jcf file: