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RS507 HID mode

Configuration file: _tnx_profile.jcf

"BluetoothHID": {
   "On": true,
   "Filter": "",
   "UseDeviceMajor": true,
   "UnpairAll": true

Tested successfully on:

Zebra: TC56 (v7.1.2) , MC33 (v7.1.2)
Honeywell: EDA60K (v7.1.1)
Oukitel: K10000 (v6.0)
Seuic: PDT-90P (v5.1.1)
Samsung: Galaxy S7 edge (v8.0.0)


Unitech: WD100 (v7.1.1)   Works, but NOT together with TellNext (applies to ANY HID device, not just RS507)


If the devices cannot be found by BT Pairing, or you cannot establish a connection. the fix that most commonly works is removing the battery and re-insert it again. In some cases you might need to reboot the Android device.


  1. Perform a Clean Boot (Remove battery, Hold the Restore key, Insert the battery and keep holding the Restore key until the scanner makes a sound)
  2. Scan the HID barcode
  3. Perform a Cold Boot (remove and re-insert the battery)