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Scanning by intent on Honeywell devices

In the  _tnx_profile.jcf file, set the Scanner.Sdk.On and BluetoothSPP.On parameters to false:

"Scanner": {
    "Sdk": {
      "On": false,
      "Readers": [
    "BluetoothSPP": {
      "On": false,
      "Filter": "",

Configure scanning through Intent in the  same file (_tnx_profile.jcf)

    "IntentScanner": {
      "HasCategory": false,
      "Category": ""

Open the Android Settings APP and click the “Honeywell Settings” option, then select the “Scanning” option.

Configure the Internal Scanner Default profile


Open Data Processing Settings and configure “Data Intents” as follows:

  • Disable the non-desired options as shown in the following image
  • Enable Data Intent option
  • Set the Intent Action as com.tellnext.barcode.broadcast