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Barcode Edition (BCEdit)

Barcode reading and formatting can be configured as follows in the _tnx_process.jcf file using the parameter BCEdit.

For example, if you have the barcode 5032227340015 and you want to display 032234001, the configuration needs to be set as follows:

"BcEdit": [
     "On": true,
     "Len": {
       "Do": true,
       "Min": 10,
       "Max": 15
     "Match": {
       "Do": false,
       "Pos": 0,
       "Str": ""
     "Type": {
       "Do": false,
       "Bc": "CODE_39"
     "Filter": "NYYYYNNYYYYYN",
     "Insert": "******"

The “Filter” parameter is used to “cut” the barcode and display the target barcode 032234001. Use this parameter to mask the barcode digit by digit. The “N” means do NOT display and the “Y” means to display. In our case “NYYYYNNYYYYYN” applied on the barcode ‘”5032227340015 ” results on “032234001”

Use the “Insert” parameter if you need to insert an ASCII character in the barcode. For example, applying ***065*** to the resultant barcode 032234001, you will get the code 032A234001

You can filter the barcode edition to specific types of barcodes using the “Type.Bc” parameter too.