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Installation Files Change Log

2024-01-08, Tnx & Tnx
Modified files (DEVICES): Install_TellNext_ZEBRA, Install_TellNext_HONEYWELL.bat, Install_TellNext_GENERIC.bat
  1. Adjust pattern to display Legacy or MonoAPK installation menu
2023-10-18, Tnx
Modified files: Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat, Tools/_ErrorManagement.bat
  1. Not necessary reboot after installation
  2. Control errors referring to pushing the file bt_mac.txt
2023-10-10, Tnx
Modified files: Tools/_ErrorManagement.bat, Tools/_ImportCaptures.bat, Tools/_PullLog_MULTIPLE.bat
New files: Tools/_CheckBTMac.bat, Tools/_Install_MonoAPK.bat, Tools/_Install_TellNext_MonoAPK.bat, Tools/_Log_Management_MonoAPK.bat, Tools/_MacManagement.bat, Tools/ActivateLog_MonoAPK.bat, Tools/Uninstall_TellNext_MonoAPK.bat
Modified files (DEVICES): ImportCaptures.bat, Install_TellNext_ZEBRA, Install_TellNext_HONEYWELL.bat, Install_TellNext_GENERIC.bat
  1. #29019 Integrate MonoAPK version
  2. Not necessary reboot after installation
2023-08-09, Tnx
  1. #29222 bt_mac.txt copy error on TC58
2023-07-24, Tnx
#29019 Tools/_ErrorManagement.bat, Tools/_Install_MonoAPK.bat, Tools/_Install_TellNext_MonoAPK.bat, Devices/Install_TellNext_xxx.bat (GENERIC, HONEYWELL, ZEBRA)
  1. #29019 Integrate MonoAPK version
2022-11-23, Tnx
#22857 Tools/_Install_HCM.bat, Tools/_InstallNextBeacons.bat
  1. Uninstall before downgrading versions (HCM and NextBeacons)
2022-03-01, Tnx
#13711 Tools/_Install_HCM.bat, Tools/ActivateLog.bat, Tools/_Log_Management.bat
  1. Fix about managing folders (/hubone/hcm and nextApps folders)
2022-02-28, Tnx
#13711 Tools/_ManageNavBar_Honeywell.bat
  1. Check if the adb connection is possible with the device before importing the XML files.
2022-02-24, Tnx
#13711 Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat
  1. Integration of the new TellNext installation files (several new bat files)
  2. /Tools/_Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat, /Devices/Install_TellNext_GENERIC_Logcat.bat, /Devices/Install_TellNext_HONEYWELL_Logcat.bat and /Devices/Install_TellNext_ZEBRA_Logcat.bat deleted and replaced by generic installation files (not specifically for logcat versions)
  3. /Devices/Default_Profile_GENERIC.bat, /Devices/Default_Profile_HONEYWELL.bat and /Devices/Default_Profile_ZEBRA.bat -> Create default profile in NORMAL mode (by default for a stand-alone execution)
  4. Bat files for multiple devices installation not included in the final TellNext package
2022-01-28, Tnx
#13711 Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat
  1. Manage TellNext installation in EXPRESS mode (without pauses nor questions) or NORMAL mode
  2. New APK integrating Zebra and Honeywell devices tnx-barscanner-rel*.apk
  3. BarScanner Google Play is installed for GENERIC devices. BarScanner ZBar deprecated
  4. Bat files for multiple devices installation deprecated (*_MULTIPLE.bat)
  5. New reorganization of the installation bat files
2021-11-19, Tnx
Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. The folder "/TellNext/Application/certificates" changed to "/TellNext/Security". This folder is directly managed by the TellNext Java code.
2021-11-09, Tnx
Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. #1831 Enable BT connection if it's disabled
Tools/_CheckBTStatus.bat.bat / _CheckBTStatus.bat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. Check if BT connection is enabled
2021-10-11, Tnx, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. Check if HCM is installed and manage versions.
  2. Use a single bat call to differentiate the installation of the logcat version and the release version.
2021-09-16, Tnx, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. New folder "certificates" created in Application if it does not exist (used for SSL Proxy)
2021-06-04, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. Grant draw over other apps for BarScanner Camera
2021-05-27, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat
  1. bt_mac.txt file is deleted at the end of the process. 
     Not copied from /sdcard preventing future access problems. Copied from the computer where the installation is performed.
2021-05-24, _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Change Logcat size to 5Mb for Android 11+
2021-04-30, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Uninstall TellNext when the installed version is VersionCode=9 (Tnx v1.0.15.511)
  2. Uninstall when downgrading versions
2021-04-27, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Uninstall TellNext when the installed version is VersionCode=10 (Tnx v1.0.15.511)
  2. Perform HubOne Connection Service Installation
  3. Copy bt_mac file to an alternative path also (/sdcard/Android/data/com.hubone.hcm/files)
settings.ini (GENERIC, HONEYWELL, ZEBRA folders)
  1. New params added (reinstallHCM, reinstallNB and clearExistingP)
2021-03-18, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Uninstall TellNext previous version before installing the new one
  2. Get the VersionCode for the installed version → Uninstall when new apk is VersionCode >=9
2021-02-03, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Activating Location service for Android 9+
2020-10-09, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. #1639 - Add NextBeacon apk & give the option to install a default profile
  2. Set a variable for adb path
Tools/_Deploy_TellNext.bat (available with Tnx
  1. The DEPLOYMENT folder will be named adding the log pull date and hour
  2. If the log device already exists, create a new DEPLOYMENT folder
New files: Tools/_Create_Default_Profile.bat / _Create_Default_Profile_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Create a default Application-Profile-Process folder to use with TellNext
2020-06-18, Tools/PullLog_TellNext.bat (available with Tnx
  1. #1525 - Add a user confirmation to overwrite the logs if the device logs already exists
2020-04-20, Tools/_Install_TellNext.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat.bat / _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. Check for unsupported OS versions (the lowest OS version: Android 5.1 (API 21)
2020-03-12, Tools/_PullLog_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Tnx
  1. TellNextTrace is now in 'nextApps/tellnextDebug' directory.
2020-02-28, Tools/PullLog_TellNext.bat (available with Tnx
  1. New process to get the log files from ONE or MULTIPLE devices. Create a new folder for each device connected and pull the nextApps folder, the logcat file and the TellNextTrace file, if applicable.
2020-02-20, Tools/GetLogcat.bat (available with Tnx 1.0.13)
  1. Pull the nextApps folder content in addition to the Logcat file to a new folder named "LOGS".
2019-10-15, _Deploy_TellNext_GENERIC.bat / _Deploy_TellNext_HONEYWELL.bat / _Deploy_TellNext_ZEBRA.bat
  1. TellNext deployment in multiple devices connected at the same time.
  2. Uses a settings file named "settings.ini"
  2. Uses new batch files:
     a. _Deploy_TellNext.bat -> A new command prompt window is opened for each of the connected devices
     b. _Install_TellNext_Logcat_MULTIPLE.bat -> Installation process identifying every device by its serial number (TellNext, BT Pairing, BarScanner)
     c. _MakeLog.bat -> Messages are displayed in the screen during the installation proccess and also typed it in the log file
     d. _ParseIni.bat -> The parameters in the settings file are parsed and used for the installation process not being interrupted
     e. ActivateLog_MULTIPLE.bat -> Logcat version
2019-08-14, _Install_TellNext_HONEYWELL.bat (available with Tnx 1.0.12)
  1. _ManageNavBar_Honeywell.bat added to execute before installation. If error, not install
2019-08-14, _Install_TellNext.bat
  1. Launching app in silent mode
2019-08-01, _Install_TellNext.bat
  1. Change logcat size
2019-05-31, _Install_TellNext.bat (available with Tnx 1.0.11)
  1. Check if the device MAC is correct (not 00:00:00:00:00:00, 02:00:00:00:00:00, empty or null)
  2. Activate BT Pairing service at Accessibility Settings
2019-05-02, _Install_TellNext.bat
  1. Show version of the installed app
  2. Show version of the apk file to be installed
2019-02-14, _Install_TellNext.bat
  1. --ez "zebra" parameter added in launching Tnx to avoid blocking notification bar on Zebra devices after rebooting
2018-11-28, _Install_TellNext.bat
  1. Selecting if using another BT devices for installing or not BT Pairing apk, deleted
  2. Selecting which scanner mode to use for installing Barscanner, modified according to the manufacturer
  3. Generate device MAC txt file for Android Oreo devices
  4. Launching Barscanner, BT Pairing and Emulator when finishing the installation