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TellNext Proxy Server

2022-09-28, v3.0.1
    1. #20360 Evolution of TellNext Proxy Server
        - Use a list of proxy servers in TellNext configuration file
        - Some clarifications added about the installation of new versions
        - New installation package for version 3.0.1 and doc
2022-09-28, v3.0.0
    1. #14259 Proxy Server installation package and doc
        - Update Word docs and HTML files on ProxyServerDocumentation folder
        - Delete file ReadMe_TellNextProxyServer.htm
        - Create a shortcut to access WebAdmin: TellNextProxyServerAdministration
        - Add this shortcut to AIP installation package → Add shortcut in Files and Folders page
        - Check default config params in TellNextProxyServer.cfg