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Printing by Bluetooth

Configure the _tnx_profile.jcf file as follows to set the BT printer:

"Printer": {
    "On": true,
    "ConnectionType": "BY_BLUETOOTH",
    "Bluetooth": {
      "Filter": "Zebra",
      "PIN": "0000",
      "UseDeviceMajor": false,
      "AutoConnectMAC": "", New
      "Timeout": 30000,
      "KeepPortOpen": 60,
      "UnpairAll": true

Activate the printer using the parameter “On” set as true.

It is recommended using the “Filter” parameter to find easily the printer in the pairing process.

Use Bt Pairing version

Select the corresponding printer from the list and then, the pairing will be done.



If the connection with the printer is lost, a message will be displayed.

To reconnect the device, you need a long click on the up-left three-line menu from the Terminal View screen to show the option “Reconnect printer” (this menu option only will be available with profiles¬† using a printer)



From TellNext v1.0.13.504 we can configure the automatic BT connection to a printer by specifying its MAC address.

The AutoConnectMac parameter is added. This parameter works together with the Timeout parameter (the recommended value for the Timeout, in these cases, is between 30000 and 60000 ms)