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TellNext Wizard Files

2022-01-20, v1.0.20.500  (Eric modification v2.5.0.0)
    1. #23838 New file SCANNER_INTERNAL_CIPHERLAB_INTENT.json created in Wizards\Advanced_Parameters\SCANNER_INTERNAL.
              CipherLab scanner added to Device_Advanced.json file in Wizards folder.
    2. Wizard Bluetooth tab in Profiles deleted. The parameter is already configured when selecting a scanner.
2022-11-23, v1.0.19.509  (Eric modification v2.4.0.0)
    1. The autologin for SSH emulation is added 
    2. Configured for 64bits
2022-05-23, v1.0.19.500
    1. #18081 InternalId parameter replaced by ExternalId in SSI scanners. Files modified: SCANNER_BT_ZEBRA_*_SSI.json
2022-01-25, v1.0.18.502
    1. #13814 Scanner.ViaIntent.Readers.Category added to the SCANNER_INTERNAL_DATALOGIC_INTENT.JSON file in the Generic folder
2021-12-13, v1.0.17.508
    1. #1844 Change default values to manage Keyboard -> New wizards files version
2021-10-05, v1.0.17.504
    1. #1779 TCM keyboards wizard (TellNext and Widget modes)
2021-07-20, v1.0.16.509
    1. #1186 RS5100 and RS6000 NFC config added
 SCANNER_BT folder
    1. #1186 SCANNER_BT_ZEBRA_RS5100_NFC.json and SCANNER_BT_ZEBRA_RS6000_NFC.json added
2021-06-17, v1.0.16.506
    1. Unitech IntentScanner config deprecated. Use ViaIntent config to use Unitech internal scanners.
    1. Use SCANNER_BT_UNITECH.json for new Unitech Via Intent reader
    2. SCANNER_INTERNAL_UNITECH_INTENT.json delete: Unitech IntentScanner config deprecated.
2021-06-15, v1.0.16.506
    1. New Unitech Via Intent reader
 SCANNER_BT folder
    1. SCANNER_BT_PROGLOVE.json: new Unitech Via Intent reader
    2. SCANNER_BT_UNITECH.json: new file with new Unitech Via Intent reader