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Deploying TellNext

The corresponding installation bat file is located in the current folder version, in the corresponding subfolder depending on the type of device.


Chose the type of the device you want to deploy TellNext in and execute the corresponding bat file. For example, in the Honeywell devices:


Installing TellNext in ONE device:

  • Execute the installation bat file with the option to create log files, Install_TellNext_XXX_Logcat.bat, or without logs, Install_TellNext_XXX.bat
  • Both installations make pauses for each app installed. You will be asked about reinstalling an app if it is already installed and the process will wait for your answer.


Installing TellNext in MULTIPLE devices:

  • Execute the installation bat file Deploy_TellNext_XXX.bat (currently the installation will be performed with the option to create log files)
  • A command prompt session will be opened for each connected device. The installation will be concurrently launched in each of these devices.
  • The “CMD” session will be closed if the process is successful but it will remain open if an error occurs.
  • When the process is executed, a new folder called “DEPLOYMENT” is created in the corresponding “Devices” folder. It contains a general log file and a subfolder for each of the connected devices with a log file for each installation process included.

  • This installation uses an INI file with settings. This file will allow you not to make pauses during the installation process in multiple devices.