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Select TTS voice

The VoiXtreme Package may have more than one voice.

So the user can select the voice, or the voice can be fixed, and the user cannot change the voice.

The configuration parameters for this behavior are in this file

This file can be accessed through Screen Tracker in the menu “administration” > “Edit Templates” > “VoiXtreme”(the file will be opened by “Visuel Jason Editor”.)


  "TtsTuning": {
    "TtsMode": "1",
    "TtsRate": "25",
    "TtsVolume": "60",
    "TtsPitch": "33",
    "TtsVoice": "Audrey",
    "AskUser": "1"

The “AskUser=0” disallows the selection, so the option “TtsVoice” must be configured properly to select the desired voice.