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Millennium2 voice input

The “millenium2” voice input mode allows to perform a voice input transaction expecting for three or more pairs of digits. It is not possible to input an even number of digits.

The user should say in separated sentences several numbers from 00 to 99 each. I/e: “twelve” … “forty eight” … “seventy two” for 124872.

If the number is lower than 10, the leading zero will be announced: I/e: “zero one” … “nineteen” for 0119.

An “echo” (repetition) of each pair of digits is performed by the device, allowing to check if the uttered number is correctly recognized. The last pair is not repeated.

If a wrong recognition is detected, the user can say the “Delete” keyword to erase the last input an announce again the pair of digits. The voice engine runs echo and recognition at same time. So it is mandatory to use a headset to perform this input.

Example of straight input of 12.42.09:

  • User: “twelve”. Device: “twelve”
  • User “forty two”. Device “forty two”.
  • User “zero nine”. Device “beep”
  • Output: 124209

Example of misrecognition input of 12.42.09:

  • User: “twelve”. Device: “twelve”
  • User “forty two”. Device “fifty two” (… misrecognition).
  • User “delete”. Device “twelve (… deleting).
  • User “forty two”. Device “forty two” (… repeat).
  • User “zero nine”. Device “beep”
  • Output: 124209

Some pronunciation examples:

  • 560249, “fifty six” … “zero two” … “forty nine”
  • 481256, “forty eight” … “twelve” … “fifty six”
  • 010213, “zero one” … “zero two” … “thirteen”
  • 000000, “zero zero” … “zero zero” … “zero zero”
  • 995415, “ninety nine” … “fifty four” … “fifteen”.

A check of the content can be done through the “Expected” option, tat will contain a pair of values (of two digits each) associated to each number “Min1-Max1,Min2-Max2,Min3-Max3 …” separated by a comma.

  • Min, the minimum value of the (n) couple of digits.
  • Max, the maximum value of the (n) couple of digits.

To allow all the possible combinations, the configuration should be: “Expected=00-99,00-99,00-99” (or a six digits input).

I/e: If you wish to input a date as “Year-Month-day”, the configuration should be: “Expected=15-20,01-12,01-31”. In this way you can restrict the input to a year 15-20 and valid month and days (of course the input will not check that February has 28 days…).

To control the length of the input you must set the LenMin and LenMax options in order to define the number of pairs of digits you will expect. I/e: LenMin=8 and LenMax=8 to input a “” value.

The associated grammar in the “bnf” file is “<millenium2>”

The control keywords are: