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Date by voice

To get a date by voice (expired date, best before, etc) it is useful to get it with a millennium2 input mode.

It allows to say the input on 3 pair of digits with a basic level of input checking.

The voice announce will be: “say the year, month and day”

The input length will be Min=6 max=6

The “Expected” option will be “19-29,01-12,01,31”. This will check the year is between “19” and “29” (for 2019 to 2029), the month is between “01” to “12” and the day is between “01” to “31”.

If an input is out of range, a “bad beep” will be heard.


  • TTS: “say the year, month and day”
  • O: “nineteen”
  • TTS: “nineteen”
  • O: “twenty three”
  • TTS: <bad beep>
  • O: “zero three”
  • TTS: “zero three”
  • O: “twelve””
  • TTS: <good beep>


Input will be “190312”

It is possible to get a confirmation (check the confirm option) of this input as: ” accept %s date”

  • TTS: “accept nineteen, zero three, twelve date?”
  • O: “accept”
  • <good beep>