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Pairing HS3100 by NFC

Before connecting any device by NFC:

  1. Make sure your device comes equipped with NFC

  2. Open up the Android Settings menu, tap the search icon on top, and type in NFC. If your phone has it, the NFC option will show up.
    If your device has NFC, the chip and Android Beam need to be activated so that you can use NFC. Tap on the “NFC” switch to activate it. The Android Beam function will also automatically turn on. If Android Beam does not automatically turn on, just tap it and select “Yes” to turn it on. Smartphones’ NFC capabilities operate in tandem with Android Beam

Pairing the HS3100 headset by NFC in a vocal process is easy:

  1. If using TellNext, open the app and select the desired profile and the vocal process.
  2. VoiXtreme Calibrate will be opened. Select the NFC option to pair the headset.

  3. A message will be displayed to bring the NFC devices near each other.

    If NFC is not available or turned off when you select the NFC option, a warning message will be displayed.

  4. Place both devices’ NFC tags against each other. Wait for sound and confirmation that both devices have detected each other.

  5. Now your headset will be ready to be used.



The headset connection by NFC is NOT recommended to use with the NFC scanner connection. It could be problematic during the headset pairing process.

  • Configuration

    Recommended config for using the headset HS3100 in NFC mode