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Getting the VoiXtreme Log

For getting the general logs of VoiXtreme please follow the next steps:

  • When a problem occurs in the operation of VoiXtreme, notify the technical support and return the terminal “as is” without rebooting or restarting it.
  • The technical support executes the bat file PullLog_VoiXtreme.bat located in C:\HubOne\MobileDevices\VoiXtreme\<version>\Tools


When executing that bat file:

  • A new folder named PULL_LOG is created inside Tools
  • For each device connected to the PC, a new folder is created named according to the serial number of the device.


In each device folder, you will find:

  • the file MyLogcat.txt (the logcat file)
  • the entire nextApps folder with each package log files
  • if a VoiXtreme debug package is installed, you will find the VxtEngineApiDebugLog file
  • the VoiXtreme log to recover every speech
  • the VoiXtreme Sound Records located in the voixtreme/voixtremerecords folder