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Installation Files Change Log

2022-11-23, Vxt future versions (4.3.0)
#22905 Tools/_Install_HCM.bat
  1. Uninstall before downgrading versions (HCM)
2022-08-22, Vxt
Tools/_Install_BTPairing.bat & Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Process.bat
  1. #20422 If EXPRESS mode, BT Pairing must be installed if it's not present on the device or updated if it's an old version. Launch BT Pairing in silent mode when all installation is finished.

  1. #20423 Message "Some errors occurred" during installation of VoiXtreme
  1. #18461 If EXPRESS mode, BT Pairing must be installed manually. If NORMAL mode, ask about performing BT Pairing installation or upgrade.
2022-04-20, Vxt
Tools/_Install_DemoPicking.bat & _Install_DemoPicking_VoiXtreme.bat
  1. Fix for Demo Picking installation. Sometimes an error occurs when we indicate that we do not want to install it
2022-03-25, Vxt
  1. Uninstall previous version before installing the new one
2022-03-02, Vxt
<Language>/Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & Install_VoiXtreme.bat
  1. Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & Install_VoiXtreme.bat deleted and replaced by generic installation file Install_VoiXtreme_Language.bat

Tools/_Install_HCM.bat, Tools/ActivateLog.bat, Tools/_Log_Management.bat
  1. Fix about managing folders (/hubone/hcm and nextApps folders)
2022-03-01, Vxt
  1. New VoiXtreme installation modes (EXPRESS & NORMAL)
  2. Integration of the new VoiXtreme installation files (several new bat files)
  3. /Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat deleted and replaced by generic installation files (not specifically for logcat versions)
2021-10-12, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat, v4.2.7.503
  1. Install HCM if it's not previously installed. Use a single bat call to differentiate the installation of the logcat version and the release version.
  2. Keep the _cld_labels file in the voixtreme folder also.
2021-06-18, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat
  1. Delay of 2 sec added after open Vxt in silent mode
2021-05-19, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat
  1. Copy _clb_lables.dat to /sdcard/Android/data/com.voixtreme.calibrate/files/ when the VersionCode from the version installed >=5 (Vxt Calibrate
2021-05-19, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat
  1. Enable install from unknown sources for Android 10+
  1. Change Logcat size to 5Mb for Android 11+
2021-05-10, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat
  1. Uninstall VoiXtreme when the installed version is VersionCode=7 (Vxt Engine and VersionCode=2 (Vxt Calibrate
  2. Uninstall when downgrading versions (versionCode to install < versionCode installed)
2021-03-18, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat (available with Vxtx
  1. Uninstall VoiXtreme previous version before installing the new one
  2. Get the VersionCode for the installed version -> Uninstall when new apk is VersionCode >=7
  3. Uninstall VoiXtreme Calibrate previous version before installing the new one
  4. Get the VersionCode for the installed version -> Uninstall when new apk is VersionCode >=2
2021-02-04, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat (available with Vxtx
  1. Activating Location service for Android 9+
2021-01-03, Tools/_Install_VoiXtreme_Logcat.bat & _Install_VoiXtreme.bat (available with Vxtx
  1. Open Vxt Engine in Silent Mode to create the MUID and the SN txt files
2020-04-02, Tools/PullLog_VoiXtreme.bat & _PullLog_MULTIPLE.bat (available with Vxtx
  1. New process to get the log files from ONE or MULTIPLE devices. Create a new folder for each device connected and pull the nextApps folder, the logcat file, the VxtEngineApiDebugLog file, if applicable, the VoiXtreme log file and the sounds recorded located in voixtreme/voixtremerecords.
2020-02-20, Tools/GetLogcat.bat (available with Vxt 4.2.5)
  1. Pull the nextApps folder content in addition to the Logcat file to a new folder named "LOGS".