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Recording voice inputs

VoiXtreme offers the possibility to record the sounds from the app.

In the _vxt_configuration file, in Input section, you will find the corresponding parameters to be set:

"Input": {
    "RecordSound": "0",

The possibilities for setting this parameter are the following:

  • “RecordSound”=”0”: no recording is done
  • “RecordSound”=”1”: records all input sounds
  • “RecordSound”=”2”: records the Calibrate procedure sounds only (default value)


The sounds are saved in the /sdcard/voixtreme/voixtremerecords folder as PCM files.

The input sounds are saved in 0000 to 0020 directories, then the directories are shifted. 0000 holds the last sounds and the 0020 hold the oldest sounds.

Warning, this option will use much space on the storage disk. Set to 1 or 2 only for testing or tuning purposes.


Recovering and analyzing the sounds

For getting the recorded sounds of VoiXtreme please follow the next steps: