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Update firmware

Make sure to have SQ46 package for SQ46 and SQ46W for SQ46W

  • Copy image file (zip file) to your PC
  • Shut down the device
  • Push/Hold Menu key and Power key to power on the system until entering hide mode (when you see “Unitech logo”, you can release the keys)

WD100 => Menu key and Power key

  • Push special key to enter update mode (UP+DOWN+UP+DOWN+UP+UP+DOWN+DOWN)

WD100 => Menu Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back Back (Menu => move up / Back => move down)



  • Go to “apply update from ADB” (Menu => move up / Back => move down / Power => activate the chosen option)
  • From your PC, open the CMD and execute “adb sideload <path_OS_update>”
  • Reboot the device