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Update firwmare

Using the 123scan2 application over Bluetooth:

1. Download and install the 123Scan2 application from https://www.zebra.com/123scan2
2. Launch the 123Scan2 application and select ‘Update scanner firmware’.
3. At ‘No scanner was found’ dialogue, select ‘To pair over Bluetooth, click here’.
4. Scan the pairing barcode on screen.
5. Wait for the pairing completion and ‘Update firmware’ dialogue to show. If Windows prompts to add the RS5100, ignore the message.
6. Choose one of the presented options and press ‘Update firmware’.
7. Wait for the firmware update to complete and scanner to reboot and reconnect.
8. Wait for “It is now safe to disconnect the scanner” message in the dialogue box.
9. Firmware update is completed.


Using the WT6000 Nougat

1. Connect the WT6000 N to your PC using USB.
2. To see the WT6000 N device’s filesystem on your PC, in the WT6000 N notification bar, select “USB Charging this device” and select “Transfer files”.
3. Copy the firmware file to “Internal storage > Android > data > com.symbol.devicecentral” directory.
4. Pair the RS5100 with WT6000 N using scan-to-pair or NFC tap-to-pair.
5. Start “Device Central” app.
6. Select the RS5100 scanner from the scanner list.
7. Select “Firmware Update”.
8. Select “BROWSE FILE” and select the firmware file.
10. Select “Yes” on the dialogue and firmware update will start.
11. When the firmware update is successful, the RS5100 will reboot by itself.