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SetDateTime App (for Zebra devices)

SetDateTime App sets the date and the time on a ZEBRA device manually or automatically:


If you run the APP, you can set the date and the time to whatever you choose. 


If you run the .bat script, a file SetDate.txt will be generated and copied to the path /sdcard/ with the following format:

+02:00 19/09/2019 13:53:13

It is important that your PC has the date/time format set to DD/MM/AAAA, default for the French language.

As you run the .bat file, it will force the APP to read the file /sdcard/SetDate.txt and set the date accordingly… then, it will close down automatically.



Please note this is a simple app, you must make sure you install the application using the “-g” option with adb or set the correct permissions in Settings.



SetDateTime App – Version 1.01 released 2019-09-27