EVA Player Change Log

2020-05-27, v2.1.2
  1. #771 Adapt Eva Selector/Player/Logger to new API 29 (Android 10) about app launch  
2019-05-19, v2.1.1
  1. #1453 Make EVA Logger faster...
  2. #1455 Add new fields to DB
  4. #1456 Add new fields for setVariable and SET_TEXT..
  3. #1458 Fix OS bug - in function findAccessibilityNodeInfosByViewId
2019-10-29, v2.1.0
  1. Removed timer, changed way of receiving AccessibilityNodes from the OS
  2. Added "saveFullImages" option
  3. #854 Create a text file with detailed version when launching 
  4. Added onExit to capture variables in between screens
2019-05-21, v2.0.4.00
  1. Bug fix, {{previousScreen}} variable was set to current screen
  2. NullPointerException fix 
2019-05-16, v2.0.3
  1. Bug fix with retryWhenBlank - Did not always respect the requested number
  2. Added STOP_EVA action
  3. Minor improvements and code cleaning
2019-05-13, v2.0.2
  1. Added "disallowSameScreen" option for the "START_OVER" action
  2. "waitForObject" implemented. Execute the action when the following object is found on screen.
  3. New action SET_VARIABLE. Used exactly the same as SET_GLOBAL_VARIABLE but with the new option "isGlobalVariable": true/false.
  4. SET_GLOBAL_VARIABLE is deprecated,
  5. Images saved by OCR in DEBUG mode are now saved with number sequence first instead of the name. (00001_xxx.bmp, etc...)
  6. "important" flag now ignores the "previousScreen" option
  7. To disallow entering a screen when "previousScreen" is in blank (user just came from EVA Selector), add a ! char... (ex: "previousScreen": "!")
  8. "retryWhenBlank" is no longer a Boolean but an Integer. Indicates the number of retries to make when OCR is unable to find a value. Aprox. ~100 milliseconds will pass between each retry
  9. "checkObject" added for Jactions. Will check if an object exist on the screen, will replace in the field "value" the string %check% to 0 if not found, or 1 if found. This would later be used in a doIf.
2019-05-07, v2.0.1
  1. Implemented fail safe Thread for when screen is lost.
2019-05-06, v2.0.0
  1. Implemented "databases", read a csv file into memory with column a and b for fast access from a JavaScript file
  2. Implemented of Zebra EMDK to block Home, Recent, NotificationBar and complete removal of the NavigationBar
  3. Added ShowUnpairBarcode parameter for BT Pairing
  4. Fixed bug, did not purge old logs and ocr images. Purge is made with files older than 48 hours
  5. JhideArea, created a hideArea object. You can now hide an area from the previous screen thus making it dificult for the user to see the value needed to be hidden
  6. Fix bug SET_GLOBAL_VARIABLE, did not convert variables to its proper value
  7. Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes
  8. Fixed lint problem for using a version lower than API 26
  9. Added Threads for quicker processing of Accessibility
 10. Fixed bug with Wait4EventId
 11. Changed NotificationTimeout from 500 to 1000
 12. Changed targetSdkVersion to 25
 13. Changed SET_GLOBAL_VARIABLE to accept "fromObject" so you can read a value from screen when executing
 14. Added writeLog JavaScript function to write string directly to the EVA log file
 15. Fixed bug with doIf when empty strings was to be compared
 16. Added build counter to version number of EVA Player
 17. Added "orTextContains" to conditions in order to be able to validate various strings in only one condition 
 18. Added "important" option to Jscreen. This allows to connect to a screen even though another screen is currently active.
 19. Added Block Screen Fail safe. This makes it possible to always unlock the screen by pressing 3 times rapidly the unlock button.