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Is Google-OCR component loaded?

The OCR library by Google is NOT loaded by default in the standard Android package.

It is “on-demand” loaded at run-time, when any application requires OCR libraries.

To verify if the OCR is loaded, and, if is not loaded perform the Android update, please do the following steps:


  • Copy the EVA-Selector package files in the sdcard/eva folder,
  • Copy and Install EVA packages eva-player-rel.apk and eva-selector-rel.apk
  • For developers only it will be useful to install the eva-logger-rel.apk application
  • Configure the terminal to have INTERNET access by WiFi, in order to download the last released OCR package.
  • Start EVA-Selector application, and select the “Check OCR” profile. A message will appears if OCR is not installed.
  • At this moment EVA will check if OCR component is loaded, and forces the installation on the terminal if not,
  • Wait some minutes and select the profile again (It will be needed a system restart after download in some devices).


When OCR package is full loaded and operational EVA-Selector will run the profile with no messages.