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Pairing WD100 and MS652


  1. Install latest versions of TelNext Emulator and BT Pairing -> At the moment, TellNext Emulator and BT Pairing
  2. Configure a TellNext Profile using ScannerType =5 param for MS652
    "BluetoothSPP": {
      "On": true,
      "Filter": "",
      "PIN": "",
      "UseDeviceMajor": false,
      "UnpairAll": true,
      "DiscoveryOn": false,
      "BarcodeType": "",
      "ScannerType": 5,
      "TerminatorWait": 0,
      "Terminators": ""
  3. Install Unitech BT Service 1.30 R1 + Open
  4. Use Back button to return to the launcher. Open TellNext.

  5. Selecting the new profile at TellNext, BT Pairing is launched displaying a pairing QR barcode.
  6. Scan this QR barcode and wait for a beep or the scanner light turns blue (solid or blinking).

  7. Click on “Connected” button and scan the second barcode displayed.
  8. Wait for the scanner to be connected (the scanner light turns solid blue). If it is well-connected the BT Pairing will be automatically closed.

    Otherwise, click on the “Retry” button, and repeat the process. When the scanner is connected, BT pairing will be automatically closed.