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Pairing ProGlove Mark II with Insight Mobile

Before pairing the scanner ProGlove Mark II:

      1. Install the InsightMobile-v1.8.0.apk

      2. It’s not necessary a previous config
      3. Launch the app to grant all permissions required
        It is not necessary to pair the scanner in this step, only grant the permissions


      Pairing the ProGlove Mark II in TellNext, for example, is easy:

      1. Configure a TellNext Profile (_tnx_profile.jcf) using the specific parameters:

        "ViaIntent": {
          "On": true,
          "Timeout": 7000,
          "UnpairAll": true,
          "Readers": [{
            "Name": "ProGlove MARK II",
            "On": true,
            "HasCategory": true,
            "Category": "android.intent.category.DEFAULT"
      2. Then, launch TellNext and select this profile. The ProGlove Scan to Pair utility will be opened to pair the devices.

      3. Scan the displayed barcode with the ProGlove scanner. If there is no problem, your scanner will be paired and connected successfully.