EVA Selector Change Log

2020-05-27, v1.4.1
  1. #771 Adapt Eva Selector/Player/Logger to new API 29 (Android 10) about app launch  
2019-10-29, v1.4.0
  1. #854 - Create a text file with detailed version when launching  
2019-05-31, v1.3.10
  1. Fixed bug, when voixtreme folder was missing on device. Did not notify about file copy error.
  2. Bug fix, If you install a Bar scanner app without starting it first once, sometimes it does not respond to a BroadCast. Warning dialog added for the user.
2019-05-16, v1.3.9
  1. Version name change for installation script.
2019-05-06, v1.3.8.3
  1. When "run" application was missing, Selector did not close down automatically
2019-04-30, v1.3.8.2
  1. Fix bug when opening EVA Selector without having the proper configuration on the device.
  2. Fix bug when opening Calibrate, the vocalized APP opened just after.
2019-04-29, v1.3.8.1
  1. Incremented the delay when opening the APP to vocalize